My name is Luka and I’m one of the many technology people in the Seattle area. I’ve loved and been enthusiastic about technology all of my life, and it all began when I played Diablo 2 and started creating and modifying bots and maphacks for Meph, Diablo and Baal runs (in hindsight, Warden was a complete disaster, but at the time it was a good learning experience). I eventually moved to Q3 engine games where I made aimbots and wallhacks, and specifically worked around PunkBuster (again, in hindsight, PunkBuster didn’t do much of anything).

Being involved with the gaming community, I spent a lot of time on web application and server attack/defense. I started a small web, Vent/Teamspeak and gameserver hosting company, and was thrown in the security deep end and learned to swim. Working for clients is a lot different than muffling about with hobby projects, but I loved every moment of it, and I quickly caught the entrepreneurial bug.

Growing up in Eastern Europe, sports and fitness were part of my day-to-day, and after moving to the US I saw an opportunity in the fitness space, so I started a personal training business which was fairly successful. I then ventured further into the business space and to date have owned and advised for both product and service B2B/B2C companies.

Right now, I’m focusing on infosec and trying to be the best engineer I can be.